Are You Ready for Change?

Change management is important in companies today.

Changing times mean changing companies. With organizations gaining broader global reach, and with talent pools becoming ever more diverse, companies are looking at major changes in their employee bases, and how those employees are recruited and on-boarded. Diversity is a must in the modern business world. Still, whether a company is diversifying its employee base […]


Three Steps to Better Collaboration

Better collaboration takes cultural competence

With teams and businesses increasingly connected in this globalized business world, collaboration is a must. However, collaborating closely – especially across cultures – may not come easily to some leaders and employees. Individuals and units within a company may think of themselves as separate entities, but it is helpful to comprehend that everyone within an […]


What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and How Can It Help You at Work?

Listening is a skill

Imagine a colleague approaches you at work. They tell you that they had a bit of trouble understanding the memo you sent out. As they speak, they hold direct eye contact and position their hands on their hips. How would you read this conversation? Is your colleague angry or just trying to be helpful? It […]


Five Keys For a Successful International Assignment

International Assignment

International assignment can be an extremely exciting – and challenging – period for those heading abroad. The good news is that preparing for the assignment can ease the transition for assignees and their families, and help guarantee success. The needs of each international assignee vary, but there are some basics that you should address before […]


Overcoming Real Impediments to Virtual Communication


Communication is a major challenge virtual team leaders face. Like with many other fundamentals of a traditional office environment, communication requires twice as much time in a virtual setting. So what should team leaders do? Before the actual project starts, team leaders need to ensure that they spend time with the team members individually, letting […]


Leading Globally Dispersed Teams

diverse team meeting

Work teams are a crucial part of any international organization, as deliverables destined for diverse markets increasingly rely on the collaboration of groups of mixed-skill employees. In some respects, the global economy has redefined traditional team models to incorporate the dynamics of diverse employee groups. Yet in many companies, teams are distributed at sites around […]