Reducing Virtual Distances

virtual teams

In the modern, global workplace, a large percentage of business is conducted virtually. While employing virtual, or diverse and dispersed, teams can increase efficiency and the speed of business, there are many challenges when teams communicate virtually. Let’s start by defining what a virtual team is. A virtual team is an inter-dependent group of people […]


Five Ways To Build Trust From A Distance

How to build trust from a distance

These days, organizations are becoming more global, and with globalization comes the emergence of more diverse and dispersed teams. While many organizations rely heavily on diverse and dispersed teams, also called virtual teams, they have to overcome barriers related to different time zones, technologies, languages and cultures. The best way to improve the coherence and […]


Coaching and the Cultural Orientations Model

Coaching employees has great payoffs.

Coaching employees is essential to making sure they feel valued. Managers who coach their employees are not only ensuring that they have the skills they need to work, but are also showing that they are willing to invest in them, which has high payoffs. Indeed, employees who receive training and coaching from their companies report […]


Talent Development and Organizational Goals

Talent development

Good managers know that creating strong companies means investing in employees. But just as important as hiring the best talent is developing current employees. Providing development opportunities for employees not only shows them that they are valuable contributors to the company, but it gives them skills they can use on the job – to the […]


From Idea to Success: Cascading Goals

Cascading goals

Organizational goals are about outlining what the organization deems important, and thus creating a vision for the company. Organizational goals often include increased production, customer satisfaction and raising employee morale, for example. When everybody in the organization – from the bottom to the top – is aware of those goals and is on board with […]


Tailoring Strategies to Each Generation

Generations at work

As companies look to maximize their business performance, they need focus first on their employees. That means attracting the right talent from the beginning, developing their staff once they bring them on, and coming up with strategies to keep them on board in the future. However, every company should make sure they tailor their recruiting, […]


Three Steps to Better Collaboration

Better collaboration takes cultural competence

With teams and businesses increasingly connected in this globalized business world, collaboration is a must. However, collaborating closely – especially across cultures – may not come easily to some leaders and employees. Individuals and units within a company may think of themselves as separate entities, but it is helpful to comprehend that everyone within an […]


Four Ways Great Leaders Can Be Great Coaches

Taking certain steps can help great leaders become great coaches.

Coaching employees is essential to making sure they feel valued. Leaders who coach their workforces are not only ensuring their employees have the skills they need to do their jobs, but are also showing that they are willing to invest in them, which has high payoffs. Indeed, employees who receive training and coaching from their […]


Driving Change Through Diversity

Diverse workforces are valuable for organizations and employees.

Diversity: It’s one of the core requirements of building a strong, effective and truly global workforce. Diverse workforces drive innovation and creation, and create value for companies with expanding customer bases. Think about it: What’s a better way to reach out to potential partners and customers in different countries, sectors and markets than by tapping […]


Making the Executive Suite More Diverse

Diverse Organization

In many of the world’s developed economies, populations are increasingly diverse, and companies in these countries are changing, too. But while many organizations have female, multi-generational and multi-racial workers at the bottom and middle levels, the top positions are normally quite homogenous. However, even though there is still a “glass ceiling” blocking many women, young […]