Coaching and the Cultural Orientations Model

Coaching employees has great payoffs.

Coaching employees is essential to making sure they feel valued. Managers who coach their employees are not only ensuring that they have the skills they need to work, but are also showing that they are willing to invest in them, which has high payoffs. Indeed, employees who receive training and coaching from their companies report […]


How Important Is The Past?

Looking to the past for ideas

Moving abroad for work can be an extremely exciting – and informative – experience for both the international assignee and their family. However, amid all the planning – finding a place to live, arranging for school for the children, learning about the transport system and currency – there is one thing many international assignees overlook: […]


Beyond Language: Communication Across Cultures

Communicating Across Cultures

One thing that many people first assume when starting their journey toward cultural competence is that language is the only element of communication. However, communication depends highly on cultural preferences, specifically the interaction style preferences. Communication varies so much by culture, it is just as important to learn about a person’s interaction style as it […]


Virtual Team Successes and Stresses – A Case Study

Virtual Team Successes and Stresses

Virtual teaming, that is, working on teams whose members are not present in the same location, is a fact of our modern, globalized business world. Virtual (or diverse and dispersed) teams are prevalent not only in multinational companies with offices in different countries, but also in academic and non-governmental institutions with bases across the world. […]


How Important Is Global Acumen?

Global acumen is an important precursor to cultural competence

For many years, the development of global acumen primarily focused on people in an organization’s home country who needed to better understand the few countries in which their company operated. But today, when it is common for an organization to conduct up to 80 percent of its business outside the country that houses the central […]


What are Diversity Councils?

Many organizations are creating diversity councils.

Diversity in the modern, globalized working world is the norm. Today, more and more companies are trying to find ways to diversify their employee bases to better represent the general population. After all, a diverse talent pool leads to more dynamic and creative teams that can better connect with partners and clientele. To create and […]


Written Communication Best Practices

There are certain practices to keep in mind when communicating by email.

When communicating with colleagues, whether overseas or down the hall, it is important to keep certain guidelines in mind. This is especially true with written communication. Many people prefer sending emails to calling or speaking face-to-face with colleagues because they can work out the wording of what they want to say and state things clearly […]


Introducing the Six Levels of Culture

There are six levels of culture.

Over the past 25 years, TMC has developed unique solutions to help individuals, teams and organizations develop cultural competence. The most critical step has been to create an understanding of culture as the key process that allows groups to adjust to new environments or different conditions. The essence of cultural competence, as TMC defines it, […]


The Journey To Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is a lifelong journey.

To be culturally competent is to be able to interact, communicate and work with colleagues and associates who come from different cultural backgrounds. In the modern business world, companies have more diverse workforces, myriad different departments, and partners and operating centers across the globe. That means company leaders and employees need to understand how to […]


Five Keys For a Successful International Assignment

International Assignment

International assignment can be an extremely exciting – and challenging – period for those heading abroad. The good news is that preparing for the assignment can ease the transition for assignees and their families, and help guarantee success. The needs of each international assignee vary, but there are some basics that you should address before […]