Your Unique Self: The Individual Level of Culture

Understanding the individual level of culture.

Many think of culture as a singular phenomenon that varies only across geographical barriers. However, we at TMC acknowledge that culture exists on six distinct levels, and that taking these levels into account can help individuals adjust to different cultural surroundings as they encounter them at work, at home and abroad. The six levels of […]


The Journey To Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is a lifelong journey.

To be culturally competent is to be able to interact, communicate and work with colleagues and associates who come from different cultural backgrounds. In the modern business world, companies have more diverse workforces, myriad different departments, and partners and operating centers across the globe. That means company leaders and employees need to understand how to […]


Managing Conflicts at Work

conflict at work

An unfortunate part of being a team leader is having to mitigate conflicts between the members of the group. Conflicts can arise for any number of reasons, though most workplace problems start with a preference gap. Perhaps a misunderstanding occurs when a high-context communicator tries to convey a point to her low-context teammate, who does […]