What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and How Can It Help You at Work?

Listening is a skill

Imagine a colleague approaches you at work. They tell you that they had a bit of trouble understanding the memo you sent out. As they speak, they hold direct eye contact and position their hands on their hips. How would you read this conversation? Is your colleague angry or just trying to be helpful? It […]


Making Open Workspaces Work

Open-plan office settings aren't ideal for all employees.

In organizations across the world, workplaces are becoming more open. It could be the spread of equality-oriented management styles, or the simple fact that real estate prices have soared worldwide. For whatever reason, in many different types of organizations, employees’ desks are assembled in large, open rooms, with colleagues only separated by chest-high barriers. In […]


Managing Conflicts at Work

conflict at work

An unfortunate part of being a team leader is having to mitigate conflicts between the members of the group. Conflicts can arise for any number of reasons, though most workplace problems start with a preference gap. Perhaps a misunderstanding occurs when a high-context communicator tries to convey a point to her low-context teammate, who does […]