Virtual Team Successes and Stresses – A Case Study

Virtual Team Successes and Stresses

Virtual teaming, that is, working on teams whose members are not present in the same location, is a fact of our modern, globalized business world. Virtual (or diverse and dispersed) teams are prevalent not only in multinational companies with offices in different countries, but also in academic and non-governmental institutions with bases across the world. […]


Are You Ready for Change?

Change management is important in companies today.

Changing times mean changing companies. With organizations gaining broader global reach, and with talent pools becoming ever more diverse, companies are looking at major changes in their employee bases, and how those employees are recruited and on-boarded. Diversity is a must in the modern business world. Still, whether a company is diversifying its employee base […]


Three Steps to Better Collaboration

Better collaboration takes cultural competence

With teams and businesses increasingly connected in this globalized business world, collaboration is a must. However, collaborating closely – especially across cultures – may not come easily to some leaders and employees. Individuals and units within a company may think of themselves as separate entities, but it is helpful to comprehend that everyone within an […]


Written Communication Best Practices

There are certain practices to keep in mind when communicating by email.

When communicating with colleagues, whether overseas or down the hall, it is important to keep certain guidelines in mind. This is especially true with written communication. Many people prefer sending emails to calling or speaking face-to-face with colleagues because they can work out the wording of what they want to say and state things clearly […]


What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and How Can It Help You at Work?

Listening is a skill

Imagine a colleague approaches you at work. They tell you that they had a bit of trouble understanding the memo you sent out. As they speak, they hold direct eye contact and position their hands on their hips. How would you read this conversation? Is your colleague angry or just trying to be helpful? It […]


Learning And Teaching With Storytelling

Learn about other cultures, and teach others about your own culture.

There is an increasing amount being written about the power of storytelling as a way to teach and to learn. From the “short bursts” of information on social media to the rise of the personal essay, everyone seems to be in on the movement to learn how to communicate by creating a compelling narrative. Still, […]


Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-cultural communication

Being able to communicate across cultures is an essential skill in today’s business world. However, it’s something that many leaders take for granted. But as business is above all built on relationships, successful and respectful communication is the cornerstone. Yet finding the best way to communicate with colleagues and partners can be daunting, considering the […]


Overcoming Real Impediments to Virtual Communication


Communication is a major challenge virtual team leaders face. Like with many other fundamentals of a traditional office environment, communication requires twice as much time in a virtual setting. So what should team leaders do? Before the actual project starts, team leaders need to ensure that they spend time with the team members individually, letting […]


Learning to Communicate Abroad

communicating abroad

One of the biggest fears professionals have in traveling for work is how to communicate with their colleagues, employees and prospective partners abroad. In addition to teaching vocal and visual communication skills to employees on their way to international assignments, we at Berlitz|TMC also train them on how to persuade audiences, how get buy-in from […]