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Wherever in the world you’re doing business, Cultural Navigator® provides the cultural training and tools you need to gain a competitive edge. With our proven evaluation tools and best-in-class user interface, Cultural Navigator makes it easy to understand how you prefer to work and how that impacts your business interactions.

Industry-Leading Cultural Assessment

Only Cultural Navigator offers the Cultural Orientations Indicator®. Take this comprehensive assessment to see how your own cultural preferences compare with those of your colleagues, your organization as a whole and your culture of interest. Before going abroad or working with a global team, identify your gaps and focus on the areas where you can improve your cultural understanding.

Measurable Learning Bursts

Select your own country- or topic-specific interests in Cultural Navigator, and we’ll recommend related learning resources and activities. With our Learning Paths, you’ll have access to easy-to-follow, organized sequences of activities, complete with quizzes to review your progress along the way. Our “Doing Business In” e-learning modules introduce you to the customs and business culture of over a dozen countries.

Cultural Norms and Country Information

With comprehensive information on over 100 countries, Cultural Navigator prepares you with the facts you need on everything from climate to culture. Access our Country Guides to brush up on business protocol before an important meeting. Gain insight by comparing management and negotiation styles between any two countries, and save it all in a report that you can print out and take with you wherever you go.

Make Connections

Collaborative learning is built into Cultural Navigator from the ground up. Connect with your colleagues to recommend learning, share insights, and compare your cultural preferences. Create a Team to communicate, learn together, and identify cultural gaps within your team. For weekly updates, follow our Subject Matter Experts, who contribute articles and insights about living and working globally.

Customize & Report

Customize & Report

Cultural Navigator is as flexible as it is powerful. Welcome your organization’s users to Cultural Navigator with a branded login page, and create custom Learning Paths tailored to your needs. Manage user accounts and communities any time with our powerful administrative dashboard. Our versatile reporting tools give you insights into how Cultural Navigator is used at the overall, functional, geographical and individual levels.

Customize Cultural Navigator® to Fit Your Organization

We are committed to making sure that Cultural Navigator meets your needs. Our standard-service tier already includes basic customization, but for an additional one-time setup fee, you get even greater opportunities to integrate Cultural Navigator into your existing learning systems.

  Standard Gold Platinum
Live feature demonstration (90 minutes)
Choice of three culture-specific Learning Paths
Customized URL and Company logo placement
Marketing Materials
Monthly Activity Snapshot Report
Login Page Customization (text only)
Login Page Customization (text/graphics)
Customized Learning Path (1)
Communities (unlimited)
Silent User Login

“The [COI®] self assessment that I completed was extremely on point – I was amazed. I found myself chuckling, it was so accurate. This will help me lead the inclusiveness efforts for our team.”

– Manager, Customer Practice, Financial Services Firm

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